Bone In Pork Chops Near Me | 3/4″ Thick | 1 lb Per Pack | Meat Delivery Service | St Paul Farmers Market | Gilbertson Family Farm


2 per package, each package is approximately 1 pound, priced at $10.99/lb. Cart/checkout totals are estimated as each package has slight weight variances. The final price is calculated upon pickup, with the final package being close to 1 pound each.


You will get two 3/4″ thick-cut bone-in pork chops in each package. They are nicely marbled for an excellent flavor. They are excellent for a quick meal or nicely on the grill! Our pork chops are $10.99/lb. with no antibiotics or hormones!

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Bone-In (3/4" Thick), Smoked Bone-In (3/4" Thick), Boneless (3/4" thick), Thick-Cut Boneless (1.5" Thick)