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8 oz. Pkg. Fully Cooked, Moist great for sandwiches, chipped Beef on Toast, Rollup Wraps



About our Farm

Welcome to Gilbertson Family Farm. We are a fourth-generation family-owned and operated farm out of Clear Lake, Wisconsin. On our family farm, we implement sustainable growing practices.

Our cattle are born on our farm and finished on our farm. The cattle have full access to roam our pastures. Feeders in our pastures are kept full of hay year-round, ensuring our cows are well-fed and content. We do not use hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are raised in a happy and caring environment.

Product Details

Enjoy a convenient and flavorful 8 oz. package of pre-cooked, juicy beef! Perfect for sandwiches, shredded on toast or in rollup wraps – this is sure to make your mealtime quick yet delicious.

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This price is estimated and your final price will be calculated at the delivery or pick up based on the actual package received.

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Weight 8 oz