Smoked Pork Hocks | 2.5 lb Package | Meat Delivery Service | St Paul Farmers Market | Gilbertson Family Farm


Our smoked pork hocks are alternatively-cured with cherry powder and celery juice. There is no msg, no nitrates or nitrites, except naturally occurring. They come in approximately 2.5-pound packages, priced at $9.99 per pound. The final amount will be calculated upon pickup as each package may slightly vary due to cut variances.

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Experience a one-of-a-kind pork hock that’s been expertly cured with natural cherry powder and celery juice. No MSG, nitrates, or nitrites are used in the process – only organic ingredients! Each order includes 2.5-pound packages of these delicious smoked meats for just $9.99 per pound (final price calculated at pickup). Get local and trusty goodness delivered right to your door today!